‘preciate y’all

Hey kids. I’m not sure where my post earlier this week went but it certainly isn’t in my post roll any longer. Don’t worry, if you didn’t get a chance to read it, nbd. It was just my ramblings about how I need to enjoy my work that I know I am good at and omit or reassign tasks that I have no business taking on. Anyways, that was earlier this week and I have already lost my list of “don’t’s” – typical.

I spent the better half of this morning sifting through old emails, circa 7/2011. I was actually looking for an email from my current boss after I was offered the job out here. Among that email I found dozens I had saved from John, my friends, and family full of supportive words and advice as I struggled with the decision to pack up my life and head west. I’m not a fan of being overly nostalgic but boy it snuck up on me as I read your words… one year later.

Not only have all of you been supportive and encouraging, you have also each taken the time to be excited for me. It means so much to get cards from you in the mail (of recipes, funny jokes, and pictures of your growing children), hilarious texts, or visits–even if brief. It reminds me that I made the best decision I could have made and, even more so, that I left behind an overflowing cup of friendships –some people could only be lucky enough to have even ONE of you around in their lives. And I, blessed, got you all.

The weather is a breezy 75* and the sun wont stop shining. Sort of like me after reading your words this morning. Thanks for every letter, prayer, box sent, trip made, and ear to ear smile you have made 3,000 miles away.

‘Preciate y’all,


Running in place

It has been a long week at work. Juggling new projects. Writing a grant. Handling this insurance mess. Battling the urge to call in sick because it’s absolutely breathtakingly beautiful outside. You know, the usual sign that summer is here and we are on the brink of the beginning of another [school] year. Wooooooooahhhhh. I am slamming on the brakes here. Summer is just getting started. There is no need to anticipate an event and not bask in it every day. Soon enough school will start again, the sun wont show her face quite as often, and I’ll be pulling my boots down from the top of the closet. Total. Screeching. Halt.

John was on call last night and didn’t get home until around noon today and hasn’t slept yet. When I finally got home from work I basically begged and pleaded with him to give me the “ok” to go for a run. It started with me batting my eyes and quietly asking if he thought I had taken enough time off… he gave me one “not a chance in hell” look and I knew the answer was undoubtedly, NO. My stubborn counterpart marched straight upstairs, gathered my biking gear, and set off for ride– pouty attitude and all. I chose the hilliest, most difficult route I could muster. It’s been so long since I have pushed my legs to their limits. 

While I know this time off is exactly what my foot needs, it is still tough for me to accept. I had drinks last night with a few of the girls I run with. Because I have been injured, I haven’t seen them in several weeks. We spent the night laughing hysterically about the 50K, swapped stories about the moves we have all been having to go through, and got super excited about Katie’s upcoming nuptials. Walking home I realized that I miss those hours I typically spend hauling over hills and life obstacles with these women. I am going to be patient and let my body fix itself but as soon as it does I am hitting the ground, full speed ahead.

Nice try sucker

Yes, I am still alive, the past week has just been busy. Wait, no it hasn’t. I’m just acting like I’m still on Hawaiian time and keeping myself as far away from my computer screen as possible. Can you blame me?

I went back to work last Monday and Tuesday and had the remainder of the week completely off. It was glorious. I woke up Wednesday morning and immediately knew where I needed to go. I cannot remember a Fourth of July in my childhood that wasn’t spent at Grand Lake– good food, boats, jet skis, fireworks and family. Be still my heart. So in honor of the tried and true traditions of my adolescent years, I biked to Lake Oswego to get a glimpse of the water and tackle a few hills. It was so much fun. I arrived in the quaint, yet affluent, city just in time to see some of the parade festivities.

Our friends Sally and William had a cookout that night so I woke John up from his post-call daze and drug him out with me. He didn’t last very long so I dropped him off at home before going to Chris and Courtney’s to watch the fireworks from their hilltop abode. It was a hap-hap-happy July 4th.

Fourth of July cookout at Sally & William’s

The Waterfront Blues Festival also took place last week so John and I couldn’t resist a little music by the water. Thursday night we made it just in time to see Toots & the Maytals and then went to a smaller after-hours show for JJ Grey & Mofro. Entrance is covered with a $10 donation plus 2 cans of food. Leave it to Portland to get some top named bands to come play in exchange for some support to our local food banks. Win. Win. Win.

Waterfront Blues Festival 2012

Because of my foot issue (it has been 3 weeks since I have laced up for a run), I loaded up my bike on Friday and drove out to Sauvie Island. It was a gorgeous day. I made new friends, enjoyed great views of St. Helens and Mt. Hood and officially felt bad for all of you that didn’t get to come with me. The tiny island is full of berry farms. Blueberries, raspberries, marionberries. After 4 hours of riding and passing farms galore, I decided I couldn’t leave without some berries. I am not much of a baker but I thought I would give it a try. End result: Blueberry & Marrionberry Cobbler. Thank you, Alice Waters. It was delicious. (I used the cobbler recipe from The Art of Simple Cooking and topped it with homemade cream biscuit dough).

Seafoam toes, biking on Sauvie Island, JJ Grey after hours show

Saturday John and I grabbed brunch and I dropped him at a drum lesson while I ran some errands around town. Then we biked down to the waterfront and out the Springwater Corridor for a good 2 hour ride. We arrived home just in time for me to clean up and get to Lille Boutique for a lingerie shower for my JLP friend, Larisa. She is getting married in a few weeks so we rented out the place for a few hours, handed her some champagne and money, and let her shop her little heart out.

Lingerie Shower for Larisa at Lille’s Boutique

To end my vacation appropriately, five of us l headed to the river to float the Clackamas on Sunday. It was such a simple and fun outing. It only took about 20 minutes to get there. We blew up our tubes, filled the cooler with ummm… ice, and hopped into the freezing cold water around noon. I had no idea we had such a beautiful river so close to us! It was the hotest day of the year so far hitting 90* and I loved every minute of it. On a sad note, I got back to my car to find it had been hit. C’est la vie. One of my resolutions this year was to “stress less” and I must say, it’s an easier life this way. Nice try, sucker… you aren’t going to ruin my vacation. Cars can be fixed, it’s not the end of the world.

Floating down the Clackamas River

I hope all of you had a great holiday. I am full speed ahead finalizing an RFP for a grant and learning every step of the way. Summer is finally here in Oregon and it has definitely been worth the wait!

Vacay sneak peek

I hate when vacations take forever to arrive and then fly by so quickly. We got home late Saturday night and I spent most of yesterday doing laundry and digging sand out of our bags.

I really wanted to give you all a full report today but I am still waiting on photos from the group. Chris got great shots from our doorless helicopter ride and in Waimea Canyon, Courtney captured candids around the house and on the beaches, Shiv and Lauren had a waterproof camera so they have documentation of us wading in the lagoon below Wailua Falls, snorkeling, and our boat ride along the Na Pali coast. I am sad to report that the only photos we did not get were of us Paddle Boarding in Hanalei Bay.

We ate in every night except the last (when we made the short drive to Hanapepe for some delicious hawaiian bbq at a food truck) and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It was so fun to buy fresh seafood and spend hours in the kitchen, at the grill by the pool, and late into the night at a long dining table. The house was beyond perfect.

I know you are itching for details, I promise I will hound them for photos!!! But for now, here are a few sneak peeks just so I don’t leave you hanging :

Top Left: Courtney & Chris’ famous Bloody Marys. Middle Left: Typical girl pick on the beach – Courtney, Jen, Lauren, Fran & me. Bottom Left: Hiking to waterfalls in Waimea Canyon. Right: View from Hanalei Bay.

Top Left: Waimea Canyon. Top Right: Birthday champagne! Veuve Clicquot from the group (homemade almond cake with sparkling candles not pictured). Bottom: John playing frisbee in Hanalei Bay.