Go tell it on the mountain(s)

Mt Adams on Takhlakh Lake

It’s like I blinked and August was over. I cannot believe Labor Day weekend is already here. We have been busy learning our way around the wilderness of Oregon and Washington so I thought I would leave you with some photos of our last few hikes. The 1st set of photos are of Mt Hood when we hiked the PCT two weekends ago. Look at those wildflowers! Dr. Cohen and his wife are very knowledgable about the different types of wildflowers so it was fun to learn as we hiked.Last weekend we drove up to Washington and hiked around Mt. Adams near Trout Lake and Takhlakh Lake. Probably one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. I planned pretty well so we had breakfast burritos both mornings and steak for dinner. I apologize for our appearance. Super sweaty hike plus no running water equals yuck but we had a BLAST!!! Next time we go back we are taking rafts for the lake! and maybe a snoopy fishing pole for me.We are off to Hood River this weekend for Katy and Brent’s wedding. I promise to clean up for those photos. Have a safe, fun Labor Day weekend where ever you are spending it!

Lots of love,


Wine and Hikes and Legs that Work

Guess what I found last weekend? You guessed it, my running legs.

Last Saturday Lauren and I ran with the Portland Marathon Clinic but only for about 8 miles, I had to head home to get ready for a big day in the Willamette Valley. John was on call Friday night but insisted we make it to Willakenzie’s A Day in the Vineyard. He rolled in from the hospital around 10:30am and we were out the door by 10:45am. He’s such a trooper. We had a great day learning how to write tasting notes on a wine that hasn’t been released yet, digging in the soil and getting up close and personal with the grapes, and partaking in a blind, white wine taste test. It was educational and relaxing. We ended our afternoon on top of the estate eating a catered lunch from Simpatica and sipping on pinot noir. I could have sat there until nightfall.

A Day in the Vineyard, Willakenzie Estate

Sunday was equally as exciting but in a whole different way. A doctor that John is training under is a big hiker (and trail runner) and invited us to join himself, his wife, and another visiting med student on a 10-mile hike on the Pacific Crest Trail. We, of course, happily agreed. Immediately, I could tell what a good teacher he was– eager to tell us about every wildflower we passed, historical facts about the area, and statics I kept trying to memorize for fear of being quizzed afterwards. The trail lead out from Timberline Lodge and took us up over Zig Zag Canyon and to a rapidly flowing waterfall. Five hours later we arrived back at the car, our legs covered in dirt-turned-mud from sweat and splashing in the Zig Zag River. My hip flexors haven’t seen hills like that in a while! We decided to stop for huckleberry milkshakes for the ride. Definitely a day well spent.

Pacific Crest Trail from Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood top right

My legs and feet are back and good as new. Time to start looking at races. It just so happens that I will be in Birmingham February 17th… anybody up for meeting me for 26.2 around the city?!?!

It’s almost Christmas

I cannot believe it is already August! There has been so much happening I am afraid I’ve done a poor job at keeping you updated this summer. As soon as “school” is back (in like a month), I will be back as well. I have been enjoying the outdoors while I can and keeping my MacBook hidden away. Here are just a few updates for ya:

1. I am running again. Seven weeks off and I finally have zero pain in my left foot. Walking. Hiking. Running. Skipping. Cycling. Yes, I’ve been skipping with excitement. I am just about back 100%. I did finally get the name of a trusty specialist so I will probably go see her just in case. I forfeited my Hood to Coast entry because I just didn’t think it would be smart to push it quite yet. Which also means the Portland Marathon in October is out as well. This season of life is called: recovery. I am embracing it, pouty and all.

2. I have been to a bridal shower, a bachelorette party, a baby shower, and  two weddings in the past month.  I am about partied out (and so is my bank account). Except we have just one more destination wedding in Hood River. Very much looking forward to that one! Katy is a trusty running partner I met back in November. She reminds me of a much cooler, pacific nw version of my younger self. Her and Brent are getting married Labor Day weekend– we cannot wait!

Texas visitors, weddings and showers!

3. My car is back and good as new. I actually took her BACK to the river on Sunday for another float trip. I figured getting hit twice was highly unlikely. My car made out fine but my arm did not. I got stung by a bee and had a moderate allergic reaction (envision marshmallow arm) . Lots of benedryl is keeping the pain at bay and me sleepy at work. I wont gross you out with a pic.

4. I have been riding my bike!!! A LOT. I ride it to and from the gym, to and from dinner, to and from a friend’s house, to and from mid-week runs. I love how bike-friendly this city is. I wish I had taken more advantage of riding places when I was in college or in Birmingham. Especially those places that were so close to home.

5. We purchased our first piece of artwork for the house! I have been scouring the interwebs for weeks looking for a sweet deal. Many thanks to One King’s Lane we purchased Sonny the Longhorn! I have no clue where we will hang him but I knew when I saw him he would be hanging in my house eventually.

Sonny the Longhorn

6. I am officially a Tuesday morning spin class instructor at the gym. It’s about time. I got certified several years ago and life just got in the way of my following through with teaching. I love our gym and am excited about meeting new people through my class.

7. Beginner Spanish – I finished my podcasts and finally signed up! Because my fall schedule is already looking busy, I decided to begin learning on my own, via an online class. It will force me to study and learn without having to attend a physical class one night every week for eight weeks. I will see how it goes then move on to a conversations class hopefully during a “winter term.” Vamonos!

8. I’m getting better AWESOME at my job. Finally. One year later. Guess who heard “We put aside $100,000 – I’d like to move forward with YOU as lead on this campaign” ???? THIS GIRL! Sorry, just had to brag. Hard, hard, hard work pays off. A long term goal I have is to never stop learning. I have learned so much this year already!

office view

9. A trip in February is in the works! We are thinking of heading to New Orleans for Mardi Gras then up to Birmingham to see our friends… “alabama, arkansas… I do love my ma and pa”

Crawfish boil at Tapalaya!

10. I joined a wine club!!!! You may not be as excited as me, but you should be. That means when you come visit we will take our bikes to wine country, park the car, ride 25 miles out to Willakenzie, wine taste and eat lunch overlooking the vineyards, then bike 25 back. Next weekend is A Day in the Vineyard – only Cellar Club members are invited for a day of seminars and tastings.

Willakenzie Estate

Hope y’all southerners are withstanding the heat! Miss, love and hugs from Portland!!