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John and I started this awesome adventure together almost three years ago. We met on the most perfect summer day in Alabama on Lake Martin with some sweet friends. The next thing I knew I was spending every day with my new favorite person. Our first year together was spent mostly apart as John traveled across the country interviewing for his residency.

I remember having to say goodbye to him on June 14, 2011 when he left Alabama for good. It was a tough day.

And here we are. Exactly two years later to the day he left, he swept me away for a surprise early birthday getaway and proposed on top of the Flatirons in Boulder, Colorado.

I have never been happier in my life.


At the Portland airport waiting on our shuttle. We were going to be late!


Sunset on top of the Flatirons.

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Right when we got back in the car and headed to an amazing dinner at the Flagstaff House, I haven’t stopped smiling since!

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flatirons run

Morning run around Boulder and to the top of the Chautauqua Trail.

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Lunch time margaritas!

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Surprise concert at Red Rocks to see Tedeschi Trucks, Grace Potter and JJ Grey!


Sally was so sweet to bring over necessities on Monday night!

We are both so excited and can’t stop grinning! I have been so enthralled with my left hand this week that I almost forgot I have a 50 mile race coming up!

Thank you all so much for many texts, phone calls, letters and gifts we have received. We feel so loved and supported and are beyond excited for this next step together.

lots of love,



thirty (days)

30 days to go and training is going really well. My legs and feet have been more achy than ever before (so much so that I am actually dreaming about it) but I don’t feel miserable on runs, in fact I feel very strong. Don’t get met wrong, Saturday’s 4 hour was tough–to the point I needed to get my head straight a few times, but Sunday’s 5 hour run on the Wildwood Trail was where I really felt confident in my ability. My legs had no problem continuing to move, my mind was in a good place and my appetite was satisfied. My outlook does ebb and flow but when I think back on the 70 miles I took on last week strong is the only word that stands out. Turns out that I have it in me precisely when I think I don’t. I need to remember that on race day. Or maybe even everyday.

I have  logged my usual weekly miles but I will be taking it easy this weekend because John has pulled a rabbit out of his hat and surprised the heck out of me… we are hopping on a plane tomorrow afternoon (I have no clue where to) for an early Casey’s Big 30th Birthday Bash Weekend Getaway!home

All I have gotten out of him is what I need to pack and, luckily for me, my running shoes are making the cut.

Grinning from ear to ear,


Timberline Marathon

Just when you think you can’t take another step, you are completely out of breath, gas, fuel, anything and everything has been depleted, you get the pick me up that you have been waiting for all along.

We loaded up the truck around 6am Saturday morning and hit the road for 2 laps around Timothy Lake. I had been anxious all week. About a month ago I signed up for the Timberline Marathon (just as a training run for the 50 miler) and talked my best girlfriends into signing up for the half. My runs the past couple of weeks have been less than stellar so I wasn’t sure what Saturday had in store for me.

Timberline Marathon

The marathon started at 8:30am in a swarm of mosquitos. Runners headed into the woods one at a time in order to accommodate for the narrow trail. I was nervous. I have no idea why, there were only 400 people running. My pace was sporadic the first six or seven miles until I finally got “comfortable” in my speed. I spotted John at mile 10 and was feeling great. I made the first loop and started passing the half marathoners — jumping over fallen trees and dodging puddles I already knew were coming. My legs felt good, no…. they felt strong.

At mile 17 I stopped to refill my water bottle and was still feeling good, however, miles 18-21 were, as usual, rough. I was hoping John was going to be back at the same stop and sure enough, he was! And so was Katy! It was just what I needed to push me the last 3 miles.

Timberline Marathon

For the first time all day I really noticed what my time was and how fast I had been moving. John left his bike by the water to run it in with me. I could barely talk. I wasn’t in the mood to talk or even think about anything. Just ready to be finished. I turned the corner and sprinted in the last 400 yards – embracing my friends at the finish line.


Next thing I knew they were calling my name for 3rd female overall and 2nd in my age group! Quite possibly the first and last time I will EVER place anything in a marathon.


We piled in our cars and drove back to Hoodview Campground where John had been cheering me on and parked it for victory beers and snacks at a picnic table by the lake- Mt. Hood towering overhead.

hoodview Hoodview2

I woke up Sunday morning energized and confident for 3 hours of hills. Piece of cake.

I just might be able to pull this off after all. Six weeks and counting…