30s and crawfish and HEAT

I blinked and it was July.


Last week I turned 30 and I couldn’t have asked for a better welcome than spending it with good friends at home eating one of my favorite meals and drinking champagne. Saturday morning I woke up early, crept downstairs and whisked out the door for my last big training run. I ran the first couple of hours by myself then met the Portland Marathon Clinic for the last three. The sun was out, the volunteer stations were necessary and our pace group had a blast.

That afternoon John and I picked up 50 lbs of crawfish and helped throw a welcome party for the new residents. He started his THIRD year of residency on Monday. Proud, proud, PROUD of that guy!!! (On a side note I am very excited that one resident is from Mississippi and her boyfriend went to Alabama–football season party plans are already underway!)

proud cooks


crawfish boil

On Sunday, Sally went with me for a site visit in wine country. I have a place in mind for the wedding but there are many big things I need to decide on. Turns out, planning a wedding is so much fun! I had no idea I would be this into it!

Eleven days until the race and it is HOT here. We do not have air conditioning, just one floor fan we purchased last year. I went to get us another one yesterday and the entire fan isle was sold out. Hoping the heat is gone by race day.


I am off work for the rest of the week and will be taking my running super easy, hoping it keeps my nerves from getting the best of me. We are planning to camp around Oregon for the upcoming holiday and are looking forward to staying up late by a campfire and getting in some great hikes.

As my co-workers have been telling me… I don’t need any sparklers this year 🙂 Happy 4th of July!





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