Rainy Weekends

Hi there!

What a crazy week it has been. Work has me a little exhausted, while my other half is very much enjoying his six months of research and working from the home office a few days a week.

Last Saturday morning I woke up early to meet the group for our last long(ish) run before the marathon. The weather looked debatable but held off until we finished all 16 miles.

When I got home John had our camping gear strung out all over the place. I told him about the dark clouds looming around Portland in every direction but he was determined to get in one more camping trip before fall showed up in the Pacific Northwest. Why we decided to go backpacking and NOT car camping is beyond me. But I put on my camping pants and a BIG smile and we hit the trail around 2pm on Saturday IN THE RAIN.

We luckily found a shelter and were able to escape the wind and rain and actually build a fire but goodness… it was cold!!

BeforePutting on a smile before we hit the trail in the rain.
(I also just woke up from a nice nap, hence why I look so sleepy!) 

BackpackingCreek Crossing on the Timberline Trail.

campfireTrying to dry out our shoes and hats by the fire.

Let’s just say that I learned my lesson: I was not made for cold, rainy backpacking trips. John just kept calling it an adventure, which I guess is a little accurate.

It’s supposed to pour this weekend too but this time we will be nice and dry and warm in front of the TV hosting  a “house divided” football party. John is resurrecting the smoker and I have promised him a homemade apple pie. I also have champagne in the fridge– whichever team wins I am sure we will celebrate.

And I definitely added the countdown app! Cannot wait to marry this guy in less than 8 months!


Hotty Toddy Y’all!



3 thoughts on “Rainy Weekends

  1. Aww so cute! This whole email made me smile 🙂 John is very determined…when he gets his mind made up, there’s no changing it!


  2. I am long overdue on visiting your blog! the screenshot of you guys and the countdown is just too cute. melts my little heart!


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